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Learn how to do street magic like professionals: Amaze and bewilder with the best!

Are you ready to learn how to do street magic?
Believe it or not, street magic can be so easy, it’s almost unfair. Professionals such as David Blaine and Criss Angel get enthusiastic, unbelievable reactions from performing classic, easy street magic moves. Their secret is sleight of hand: They use classic moves taught for more than [...]

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Perform incredible dollar magic tricks: Make money miracles in your hands


With Ellusionist, your economy is on the rise.

A big part of street magic today involves currency. A good street magician can make bills and coins do incredible things. When you learn the secrets of sleight of hand, you’ll be able to perform dollar magic tricks and get incredible reactions.  

Money magic is more convincing to [...]

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Learn magic card tricks that fool, surprise and bewilder spectators: You will be amazing!

Do you want to learn magic card tricks that leave spectators floored?
Brad Christian has something to show you. Watch Brad, founder of Ellusionist, teach you a magic card trick for free:  
The above trick just scratches the surface of all the incredible effects and magic [...]

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