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Perform party magic that drops jaws and blows minds: Party-goers won’t know what hit them

Forget being the life of the party. Ellusionist can make you the star of the party. 
More and more people want to see incredible illusions. Magic has never been more popular than it is right now, thanks to David Blaine, Criss Angel and many others. And you can bring that same style of magic right [...]

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Learn free kids magic tricks from Ellusionist: Perform like a professional in no time

Every kid remembers that one adult who could do magic. Maybe it was the old quarter from the ear trick, or the card trick with three piles of seven cards. How would you like to be that one? The person that kids remember for the rest of their lives?  
When you learn free kids magic [...]

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Learn kids magic tricks easily with Ellusionist training

It all started with a nephew who loved watching a car disappear.  
Before he started Ellusionist, Brad Christian was meeting his nephew for the first time. The 4-year-old was playing with a car on the floor. Christian asked if he wanted to see some magic, then made the car disappear and reappear underneath the child’s [...]

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Beginner magic starts with Ellusionist, the Internet’s best magic training center

What got you interested in magic?  
Maybe you saw an incredible, live magic show. Maybe you watched an incredible street performer. Maybe you saw something on TV and just wanted to know how it was done. But it got underneath your skin. Something clicked and got you instantly fascinated in this incredible, beautiful, mysterious art. 
With [...]

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