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Blow minds with Criss Angel card tricks: Perform amazing street magic

Criss Angel card tricks are powerful, because he performs incredible sleight of hand combined with his unique, Mindfreak character. A simple card revelation becomes an intense, psychological experience. Angel is one of the best magicians of our time. 
You can learn and perform Criss Angel card tricks.

Card tricks are a staple of magic, because they [...]

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Drop jaws with David Blaine card tricks

David Blaine is a master at street magic, but he is even more incredible when he performs card tricks. He handles a deck of playing cards like few others, even though he doesn’t do any flashy flourishes. The reason David Blaine is such a compelling performer is that he pairs simple sleight of hand with [...]

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Learn magic card tricks that fool, surprise and bewilder spectators: You will be amazing!

Do you want to learn magic card tricks that leave spectators floored?
Brad Christian has something to show you. Watch Brad, founder of Ellusionist, teach you a magic card trick for free:  
The above trick just scratches the surface of all the incredible effects and magic [...]

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Perform miracles with magic cards: Ellusionist’s gaff cards will blow minds

Your spectators have never seen magic cards like these.
Gaffed cards have been a staple of magic for years. But Ellusionist has taken them much further than could be imagined. You can make fingerprints appear, angels fly, pips shift and inks drip. You can change a deck’s color, make cards disappear [...]

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This post was written by on October 20, 2008

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Easy card tricks for beginners get crazy reactions from spectators

Are you ready to learn mind-blowing card tricks?
Some of the best illusions in magic are done with a simple deck of playing cards. Magicians spend years practicing advanced sleight of hand to perform impossibly realistic effects. But many magicians have also discovered that many simple sleights are actually easy-to-learn card tricks. For beginners, that’s awesome [...]

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