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The best street magic DVD is ‘How to Do Street Magic’

Are you looking for the best street magic DVD? 
Look no further. Here it is. 
“How to Do Street Magic” is the groundbreaking classic by Ellusionist. This incredible, two-hour video has taught thousands of people how to perform amazing street magic confidently, like a professional. 

Spectators like street magic because it is more realistic, visual and appears impossible.
Most [...]

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Amazing levitation technique taught by Ellusionist: Learn to perform jaw-dropping magic

Have you wanted to learn levitation technique?
Levitation tricks are some of the most powerful, visual effects available, because they defy reality so obviously. Whether you make a simple match float, or your whole body, levitations are compelling, mystifying and amazing.  
Learning levitation technique similar to David Blaine or Criss Angel can be costly, involve [...]

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Learn powerful levitation magic: Float cards, water, dollar bills, even yourself

Gravity is the law. 
Ellusionist is the loophole.

Levitation magic is some of the strongest magic available…

For obvious reasons. When people see someone like David Blaine or Criss Angel levitate, the first thing they think is, “Camera trick.” You are about to prove them wrong… way wrong. Ellusionist is the Internet’s finest source of [...]

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Learn magic like the three jacks card trick

Remember the three jacks card trick? That one your uncle used to do, where the three jacks are placed at the top, middle and bottom of the deck, then end up magically together? Or maybe you remember the one where 21 cards are placed in three piles of seven cards each, moved around, then a [...]

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Learn magic like the Ellen Degeneres show card trick

Have you see the Ellen Degeneres show card trick? It’s a simple counting trick, where a certain, chosen card magically appears where you least expect it. If you’ve seen her perform it, you heard the crazy reaction she got from her audience. And Ellen isn’t even a professional magician.

You can learn and perform tricks [...]

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