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The best street magic DVD is ‘How to Do Street Magic’

Are you looking for the best street magic DVD? 
Look no further. Here it is. 
“How to Do Street Magic” is the groundbreaking classic by Ellusionist. This incredible, two-hour video has taught thousands of people how to perform amazing street magic confidently, like a professional. 

Spectators like street magic because it is more realistic, visual and appears impossible.
Most [...]

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Perform mind-blowing card tricks with regular playing cards


There is no explanation.

Usually, when people see an impossible-looking card trick, they think it’s because you are using trick cards. So when they see you perform miracles in the palm of your hands with any deck of cards, even a borrowed deck, they will be stunned silent or freaked out.

Imagine what you [...]

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Perform amazing full deck card tricks: Command cards like a professional

You can perform jaw-dropping full deck card tricks.
Have you ever wanted to learn how magicians and professional cheats accomplish miracles with any deck of cards? It’s possible, and easy, when you know the secrets behind sleight of hand.

Full deck card tricks can be accomplished using sleight of hand.
Sleight of hand lets you perform incredible [...]

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