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Perform amazing full deck card tricks: Command cards like a professional

You can perform jaw-dropping full deck card tricks.
Have you ever wanted to learn how magicians and professional cheats accomplish miracles with any deck of cards? It’s possible, and easy, when you know the secrets behind sleight of hand.

Full deck card tricks can be accomplished using sleight of hand.
Sleight of hand lets you perform incredible [...]

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Drop jaws with David Blaine card tricks

David Blaine is a master at street magic, but he is even more incredible when he performs card tricks. He handles a deck of playing cards like few others, even though he doesn’t do any flashy flourishes. The reason David Blaine is such a compelling performer is that he pairs simple sleight of hand with [...]

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Perform amazing card tricks just like the professionals

Do you want to learn amazing card tricks that leave spectators floored?
Most people know a few basic card tricks, such as the one with three piles of seven cards and other self-working card tricks. A smaller group of people know about simple [...]

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