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Perform Criss Angel styled magic


Are you a Mindfreak loyal and Criss Angel fan?

Ever since his debut on the magic scene, Criss Angel has blended sleight of hand with a touch of the dark and bizarre to create powerful illusions. Spectators give him crazy applause and visceral reactions.

How would you like to get the same kinds of reactions as Criss Angel?

The illusions that come from Criss Angel’s mind are based on sleight of hand moves, which are simple to learn and easy to practice. Some of those moves are taught in “How to Do Street Magic.”

“How to Do Street Magic” is the first step on the road to performing powerful street magic. Just imagine what you could do with the secrets, sleights and moves that Criss Angel knows.

Closeup, street magic is favored by many magicians because it uses everyday, common objects to create impossible effects.

Many of those same magicians favor sleight of hand over gimmicked tricks or stage effects, because they are more realistic.

Audiences enjoy street magic, because they start out skeptical, yet are quickly amazed by magic that happens in front of their faces.

Criss Angel and David Blaine have both said that future TV shows will feature more closeup, street magic because audiences can’t get enough of it.

By Brad Christian,
creator of e l l u s i o n i s t …

Criss Angel is one of the best performing magicians out there, because he performs with a unique, in-your-face, charismatic flair. His show, “Mindfreak,” is already being planned for a fifth season, and he has plans to join forces with the Cirque Du Soleil for a magic show unlike anything ever seen.

Here’s the thing: When the Mindfreak hits the streets, he uses simple sleights to create many of his most memorable illusions. His imagination and presentation makes the sleight of hand powerful and magical. And when spectators watch those performances, they are blown away.

You can learn to perform in such a way that you get the same reactions as Criss Angel.

Some of Angel’s sleights are easy, others are much more difficult. When you watch “How to Do Street Magic,” and you put in the right amount of practice, you’ll be on the road to create the same sense of awe and wonder in your spectators. As you watch, you’ll see each sleight performed for a real audience. Then we’ll go into the studio and break down each trick into simple steps.

Once you start performing, your own personality will start to show — and that’s the important part. Audiences are hungry for this kind of closeup magic! A lot of magicians criticize Angel’s show “Mindfreak” because he stopped doing magic and focused on feats of strength. However, members of his creative team have said future seasons will include much more magic, because his fans are demanding it.

Just imagine the reactions you could get when you mix your performance style with some of the same kinds of sleights. You can drop jaws. You can blow minds. You have the power.




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