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Customized Bicycle playing cards will impress your spectators


How can customized Bicycle playing cards make your performance stand out?

Your spectators have never seen cards like these. Imagine a deck with Bicycle’s familiar backs and faces, only the deck is completely black as night. Or maybe the color has been drained out, leaving all black pips. Or maybe the deck looks like it was aged more than 100 years.

Ellusionist makes a complete line of customized Bicycle playing cards that feel incredible and look even better. Our team has worked directly with the U.S. Playing Card Company to produce some of the finest cards available.

These customized Bicycle playing cards will command your spectators’ attention.

You’ll learn how to use these killer cards and much more in “How to Do Street Magic,” the video from Brad Christian. He has packed this video with training and advice learned from a more than 25-year career. And when you take advantage of this special deal, you’ll get one of our black decks of custom playing cards ABSOLUTELY FREE.

Fans, flourishes or simple sleight of hand becomes more simple and looks more amazing with Ellusionist’s customized Bicycle playing cards.

Bicycle’s Rider back is instantly recognizeable, and considered by many to be the top-standard in cards.

Ellusionist’s variations of the Rider back are field-tested and audience-approved.

Many of Ellusionist’s custom decks come with our exclusive UV500 Air-Flow Finish, which makes the cards handle better than any other deck on the market.

By Brad Christian,
creator of e l l u s i o n i s t …

Eddie Van Halen didn’t play any old guitar when he shredded “Eruption.” Michael Jordan didn’t win basketball championships wearing any old shoes. Pros pick the tools that work best for their performance.

Ellusionist’s customized Bicycle playing cards are the top of the line, period. Many magicians use our custom playing cards because they handle well and get great reactions from spectators.

Mike Super, on his way to winning NBC’s “Phenomenon,” used Ellusionist cards in his performance. Our cards have found their way into the hands of many professionals, who rely on them.

Many of our custom playing cards are coated with our exclusive UV500 Air-Flow Finish. When you hold them, you’ll know. They will fan beautifully and last for ages. They come in a variety of styles, including our traditional-looking Masters, elegant Ghosts, bold Black Tigers and eerie Shadow Masters. That means you can choose the style that best suits your performance, further enhancing your magic.

But let me be blunt: As proud as we are of our cards, they will not make you a better magician. You must practice correctly and put in the time necessary to learn good sleight of hand.

We keep that in mind in “How to Do Street Magic.” When you watch the video, you’ll see performances of mind-blowing effects and explanations of those effects in the studio. I’ve performed magic for more than 25 years, so I’ll pass on all the tips I’ve learned, ensuring that you practice correctly.

Our customized Bicycle playing cards will make your magic stand out. Once you have the sleight of hand skills, you’ll be able to use these custom cards and blow people’s minds. We’ll even send you a deck of black custom playing cards so you can get out on the streets and start dropping jaws.




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