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Magic tricks revealed, explained and taught by Ellusionist will have you performing like a pro

Brad Christian's magic tricks revealed

Are you looking for magic tricks revealed? You’ve just found so much more.


Many people are quite happy to tell you how a magic trick is done. Sometimes, the answer is only a couple of words long. People can find magic tricks revealed rather easily.

Dude reacts to magic tricks revealed
But that’s not you, is it? If you’re reading this, then you’re not the type who wants to know how a trick is done. You want to know how to do it. You want to get the same kinds of reactions as the professionals who do the same moves. You have a desire to study the art of magic, learn about the creators and find out exactly what makes sleight of hand, a gimmick, a gaff or something else work.

You have just found the Internet’s best site for teaching magic.

  • A magic trick involves so much more than the secret behind it — misdirection, presentation, patter and showmanship are much more important than the secret.
  • People who post “magic tricks revealed” videos on online video-sharing sites are often flat-out, dead wrong about how an effect works.
  • People who expose how tricks work are often very bad, non-professional magicians, who have no idea about all the other important parts.
  • Magic videos from Ellusionist show EVERYTHING you need to know — and practice — so that you can perform a trick successfully and get incredible reaction from spectators.

Ellusionist created the market for online magic instruction. Brad Christian and the rest of the professionals at Ellusionist have educated thousands upon thousands in this beautiful, mysterious art. Each video we produce is shot with crystal clear, high-resolution, DVD-like quality. That’s important, because even with all the information we cram into each video, it still helps pause and see where each thing goes. Our videos also feature performances filmed in front of live audiences, so you know a trick has the potential to blow minds.

Here’s your chance to see how effective Ellusionist magic instruction is. Sign up in the box on the right-hand side of the page to receive five free street magic tricks you can perform for anyone. In fact, you can watch the first one below. Click play to see some powerful magic tricks revealed:


Ellusionist has so many more magic tricks revealed, taught and explained in a variety of different styles, including:

Brad Christian performs magic tricks revealed

Card magic: Are you ready to become a master with a deck of playing cards? The Crash Course series will get you started. Kard Klub will teach advanced performance techniques. The Ninja series will get you using the same moves as the masters. And De’vo will have you flourishing cards so well that you’ll put Vegas dealers to shame. You’ll look even better performing these moves with our custom playing cards.

Coin and money magic: Our selection of money tricks will have you moving the seals on dollar bills, making coins appear and disappear at will and much more. Check out Silver Dream by Justin Miller to see what we mean.

STIGMATA_3 Magic tricks revealed, explained and taught by Ellusionist will have you performing like a pro
Psychokinetic and bizarre magic: With Ellusionist training, you’ll be able to make water stay in an overturned bottle. You’ll saw a thread through your neck. You’ll make blisters on your fingertips reveal chosen cards. You’ll even make thoughts appear on your arm: Wayne Houchin’s Stigmata is an incredible, jaw-dropping effect that will freak your audience completely.

Rich Ferguson magic tricks revealed
Mentalism and mind-reading magic: There’s no more powerful magic than to get inside someone’s head. Ellusionist offers everything to get you started reading the minds of complete strangers. And Rich Ferguson’s Tagged will take your powers to an incredible extreme.

At Ellusionist, we want you to succeed, and make your dreams for magic come true. Whether you are interested in learning a few tricks for around the office or for family, or if you want to learn how to be a professional magician — or even the next David Blaine — Ellusionist will get you started and be with you every step of the way.

We are about much more than magic tricks revealed. We are about making you amazing.




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