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Learn how to do street magic like professionals: Amaze and bewilder with the best!

Brad Christian teaches how to do street magic
Are you ready to learn how to do street magic?

Believe it or not, street magic can be so easy, it’s almost unfair. Professionals such as David Blaine and Criss Angel get enthusiastic, unbelievable reactions from performing classic, easy street magic moves. Their secret is sleight of hand: They use classic moves taught for more than a century. With an arsenal of such classic, well-protected maneuvers, professionals do incredible things with every day objects, such as playing cards, coins, bills, bottles and more.

Spectator sees how to do street magic Here’s the catch: It’s not enough just to know how something is done. You need to know how it is performed. Once you know how a sleight is supposed to look, learning how to do street magic comes naturally. You’ll be performing in no time, getting the same kinds of crazy, wild reactions as the professionals. You’ll perform with confidence in front of friends, family, co-workers, strangers, ANYONE.

Ellusionist will teach you everything about how to do street magic.

  • Audiences love street magic, because it involves everyday, common items in impossibly realistic effects.
  • Most street magic is accomplished with sleight of hand.
  • Most professional magicians prefer sleight of hand over gimmicks and tricks, because it is less suspicious and more believable.
  • Many Ellusionist videos, available in DVD and online, teach how to do street magic in high-resolution, DVD-quality video.

“How to Do Street Magic” is your entrance into the world of magic — it comes with more than two hours of instruction and teaches 20 tricks you can perform with only a little bit of practice. In addition, Ellusionist will send you a free deck of custom black playing cards and a free King Rising levitation video!


In “How to Do Street Magic,” you’ll see actual, live performances of each effect taught in the video. Then, you’ll go into the studio, where you’ll feel like Brad Christian is right in your living room. You’ll see each sleight from the best angles shot in high-definition, crystal clear video.

The video will prepare you for Ellusionist’s vast library of magic techniques and tricks, including:

Brad Christian teaches how to do street magic
Card magic: Ellusionist’s “Crash Course” series teaches the basics of card handling, and will give you a huge arsenal of sleights, moves and tricks you can use with any deck of cards — even a borrowed deck. Our Ninja series will take your card handling to the next level by teaching you some of the top level sleights and key performance strategies.

Flourishing and card manipulation: De’vo’s Extreme Beginnerz series will teach you to flourish and display cards better than any seasoned Vegas dealer. If you though those ribbon spreads and fans on a table were the extent of flourishing, De’vo will show you so much more, from crazy one-handed cuts to fantastic fans and throws!

Brad Christian teaches how to do street magicCoin and money magic: In addition to a couple of tricks taught in “How to Do Street Magic,” Ellusionist offers many incredible money miracles and will teach you the basics of handing coins and dollars.

Mentalism: Nothing hits spectators on the street like getting in their heads. Ellusionist offers a wide variety of techniques and effects to help you command the paranormal, including Tagged by Rich Ferguson.

At Ellusionist, we want you to succeed, whether you aspire to be a performing professional or avid amateur. We want you to have an incredible experience learning this magical art. As you explore, you’ll find that magic isn’t just a hobby — it’s a lifestyle. Your confidence will increase and you’ll look at the world a little differently, all from learning how to do street magic.




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