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Perform a magic trick you can learn online

Brad Christian performs magic trick you can learn online

Would you like to see a magic trick you can learn online from the world’s best magic training site?


Of course you would. A lot of free magic tricks on the Internet aren’t really tricks at all. They just show you the wrong secret and no performance advice. They don’t show you the ins and outs of each trick, and all the subtleties that help you fool the most hawk-like of your spectators.

Brad Christian teaches a magic trick you can learn onlineNot Ellusionist.

Brad Christian put his more than 25 years of experience into each Ellusionist training video. He made sure that each one was filmed in high-quality video, so you could see detail right down to the fingernails if you need it. He also made sure each trick was shown from perfectly positioned angles so you see exactly what is going on, and how you hide it. This commitment to quality has made Ellusionist’s magic training the industry standard.

But Christian upped the ante for designing a site where you could view a magic trick you can learn online. Thanks to our digital downloads, you can start learning in a matter of seconds!

  • Sleight of hand can be used to accomplish amazing, incredible illusions right in front of spectator’s faces.
  • Learning sleight of hand takes practice, but becomes much easier when learned visually.
  • Many magicians have learned from educational videos, which offer real-time examples of what an effect is supposed to look like.
  • Ellusionist offers a free, five-lesson magic course; the free magic tricks allow you to see the company’s training firsthand.


Spectator reacts to beginner magic
It’s time to find out for yourself. Click the “Free Magic Training Course” ad on the right side of this page, fill in your e-mail address (which isn’t given to anyone else) and then you’ll receive a magic trick you can learn online, (five tricks; one e-mailed every three days). These are powerful street magic effects that you can perform flawlessly for friends with minimal practice. Then, you’ll see exactly how good Ellusionist’s teaching is.

In fact, here’s your first one. Click below to watch a magic trick you can learn online, and start dropping jaws!


If you thought this video was good, just wait until you see our full collection of magic training. Ellusionist’s videos are considered staples of magic education, because they do an outstanding job of teaching everything from basic handling to advanced sleights. Among our modern classics, which can be downloaded directly to your computer:

Brad Christian teaches how to do street magic

The Crash Course series. In Crash Course 1, you’ll learn basic card handling techniques and several incredibly powerful tricks, including an effect regularly used by street magic genius David Blaine. In Crash Course 2, you’ll go even deeper into card technique by exploring a classic card routine. This video is packed with more than two hours of sleights that will turn you into a master card worker.

Gaffed card tricks and training. People have never seen cards like these. Justin Miller will train you how to turn these cards into deadly, audience-killing weapons with Army of 52. And Wayne Houcin and Daniel Garcia will take gaffs to the next level with Ultragaff.

Our most successful video: How to Do Street Magic. This video has introduced thousands upon thousands to the lifestyle and excitement of performing magic. Ellusionist offers a special deal on this two-hour video, and will give you more free magic tricks when you buy it, including a free King Rising levitation video and a black deck of Ellusionist’s custom playing cards.

We are giving you free magic tricks for a reason: We want you to be successful.


We’ve seen a lot of magic videos, and we know how frustrating it is to try and learn from a bad one. That’s why Ellusionist always goes for quality. We want you to become the performer you always wanted to be. Whether you want to be the person in the office or at the party who can become the center of attention, or you want to start a career in performing magic for kids and adults, Ellusionist will get you started the right way.

You can do this! You can get the same reaction as Blaine or Criss Angel. You could drop jaws and blow minds. Imagine the confidence-boost you would get by making miralces happen in your hands.

Welcome to the world of magic. Ellusionist is your guide.




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