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Perform party magic that drops jaws and blows minds: Party-goers won’t know what hit them

Brad Christian performs party magic

Forget being the life of the party. Ellusionist can make you the star of the party.

More and more people want to see incredible illusions. Magic has never been more popular than it is right now, thanks to David Blaine, Criss Angel and many others. And you can bring that same style of magic right to the party.

Ellusionist will make you a master of party magic.


  • Street magic isn’t confined to streets: It’s a form of close-up illusion that can be performed anywhere, anytime.
  • Street magic makes for great party tricks, because it’s entertainment that is easy to prepare, yet incredibly astonishing to spectators.
  • Parties are perfect places for magic performances.
  • Street magic makes perfect party magic: It can be adapted for children and adults alike. No matter how old the party’s attendees are, there is plenty of magic perfect for them.

Ellusionist is, hands down, the best place on the Internet for learning party magic. Founder Brad Christian and the rest of the Ellusionist crew works hard to make sure each effect is demonstrated in high-quality video, shot from the best angles so you can see everything going on. You’ll see that when you learn these high-quality party tricks in “How to Do Street Magic.”


And these aren’t simple, self-working tricks you could learn in a kids’ book. This video will teach you sleight of hand with playing cards, coins, shoelaces, business cards and a host of other everyday objects. You will make miracles occur right in front of people’s faces. Check out all you’ll learn:

Brad Christian teaches party magic

Card magic. Card tricks comprise a large segment of street magic, and for good reason. You’ll learn how to make a card disappear and reappear wherever you command, how to make a spectator cut to the four aces without you doing a single thing and how to make a card inexplicably flip while folded inside another card.

Coin magic. You’ll learn the basics of how to make a coin appear and disappear right in front of people’s eyes. Make a quarter appear anywhere you wish — even inside a sugar packet.

Mentalism and psychokinetic magic. You’ll learn basic mind-reading techniques and borderline bizarre, unsettling effects in this street magic DVD. Imagine making the ashes of a burned piece of paper spell out a chosen card on your arm, making a salt shaker disintegrate and travel through a table or making a ring detach through a shoelace as both ends are held.

There’s never been a better time to learn. For one low price, you can get the Street Magic bundle. You’ll get “How to Do Street Magic,” a free black deck of custom playing cards and a free “King Rising” levitation effect. With just one video, you’ll have more than enough material to amaze and astonish any party.

At Ellusionist, we want you to succeed. When you learn from us, you will be able to go anywhere and perform incredible magic instantly. You will be performing party tricks like a professional. The only thing stopping you is you. Seize your chance to be a part of something magical and mystifying…




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