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Learn kids magic tricks easily with Ellusionist training

CCR1DVD_2 Learn kids magic tricks easily with Ellusionist trainingIt all started with a nephew who loved watching a car disappear.

Before he started Ellusionist, Brad Christian was meeting his nephew for the first time. The 4-year-old was playing with a car on the floor. Christian asked if he wanted to see some magic, then made the car disappear and reappear underneath the child’s shirt. Wanting more, Christian put a quarter inside the boy’s hand and made it disappear inside his squeezed-up fist. The magic moved the kid so much that he tried to make coins disappear for weeks, Christian said.

“That’s when I realized that every single parent in the world, in the galaxy, should have the ability to do stuff like this for their kid,” Christian said. “There’s nothing like it.”

Girls react to kids magic tricks

  • Children absolutely LOVE magic of all sorts.
  • Magicians love performing for children, because tricks have much larger effects on them.
  • Many kids magic tricks are easy to learn and easier to perform.
  • Ellusionist teaches many kids magic tricks that also impress and mystify the most cynical, jaded adults.

Imagine being able to make children’s eyes light up with wonder. You can do it when you learn kids magic tricks from “How to Do Street Magic” and “Inside Magic.” These two DVDs will teach you how to perform incredible, eye-brightening, jaw-dropping magic for kids of all ages — including teenagers and grown-ups.

You won’t need any props, either. These two videos will teach you how to make miracles happen with ordinary, everyday objects, such as:

Playing cards: You’ll learn a veritable library of card effects, including the eye-popping Biddle Trick, Wave the Aces, Card in Mouth and many others.

Coins: You’ll make money look like it grows not on trees, but out of thin air when you learn the French Drop, Lightning Coin Vanish and George’s Old Trick.

Dollar bills: Imagine the look on people’s faces when you make a dollar bill fold itself.

INSIDVD_4 Learn kids magic tricks easily with Ellusionist trainingOther items: “How to Do Street Magic” and “Inside Magic” will show you other incredible effects you can do with house keys, rings, shoelaces, cigarettes and sponge balls. Ellusionist can stock you up on sponge balls, silks and many other props that are staples of kids magic tricks.

Inspired by his nephew, Christian created Ellusionist, the Internet’s best site for learning magic. He has crammed instruction videos based on his 25+ years of experience. He will make you AMAZING. With his instruction, you can become that awesome relative who can do magic.

Watch Brad’s teaching ability in action, as he teaches you a free kids magic trick right now! Click below to start learning!


The power to amaze should be something that every parent — mother or father — should have. Ellusionist will have you performing kids magic like a pro. Get started NOW… the kids aren’t getting any younger.




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