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The best street magic DVD is ‘How to Do Street Magic’

Are you looking for the best street magic DVD?

Look no further. Here it is.


“How to Do Street Magic” is the groundbreaking classic by Ellusionist. This incredible, two-hour video has taught thousands of people how to perform amazing street magic confidently, like a professional.

  • Spectators like street magic because it is more realistic, visual and appears impossible.
  • Most street magic uses sleight of hand to manipulate common, everyday objects, such as playing cards, coins, bills and bottles of water.
  • Sleight of hand can be difficult to learn when improperly taught.
  • Every Ellusionist street magic DVD is produced in high resolution and filmed from the best angles, so you see every little move and how everything works.

Brad Christian in a street magic DVD
“How to Do Street Magic” is more than an instructional video. Taught by Ellusionist founder and president Brad Christian, the video will introduce you to several different fields of magic, including:

Card magic. Card tricks comprise a large segment of street magic, and for good reason. You’ll learn how to make a card disappear and reappear wherever you command, how to make a spectator cut to the four aces without you doing a single thing and how to make a card inexplicably flip while folded inside another card.

Clip from a street magic DVD
Coin magic. You’ll learn the basics of how to make a coin appear and disappear right in front of people’s eyes. Make a quarter appear anywhere you wish — even inside a sugar packet.

Mentalism and psychokinetic magic. You’ll learn basic mind-reading techniques and borderline bizarre, unsettling effects in this street magic DVD. Imagine making the ashes of a burned piece of paper spell out a chosen card on your arm, making a salt shaker disintegrate and travel through a table or making a ring detach through a shoelace as both ends are held.

There is no better street magic DVD on the market. The video is shot in DVD-quality, high resolution by professional photographers who capture every sleight from the best possible angles. When you watch the video, you’ll see Christian give live performances of each effect. Then, you’ll go into the studio with Christian, who is so personable and attentive that you’ll feel like you’re in the same room with him.

A lot of companies just want to sell you secrets. Ellusionist wants you to succeed as a magician, whether you have a passing interest or professional ambition. That’s why Christian and other artists cram each Ellusionist video with inside information discovered through actual performances.

Get a feel for how an Ellusionist street magic DVD teaches magic. Click below to watch Brad Christan teach you a free trick!


SHADOWMASTER_3 The best street magic DVD is How to Do Street Magic“How to Do Street Magic” also comes with bonuses. When you order, you’ll also receive a free deck of black Ellusionist custom playing cards and a free King Rising levitation DVD. This one package will give you all that you need to learn, perform and drop jaws.




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