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Learn magic with Ellusionist’s high-quality online training: Get insane reactions quickly

Learn magic that will make spectators freak
It is not difficult to learn magic.

But in the past, it has been. Magic’s secrets have been passed in books and pamphlets — many of those try to pass on complicated sleights with descriptions of phalanges, badly-drawn diagrams and grainy photos. The act of learning magic has been enough to drive some away.

Ellusionist changed that. Ellusionist will help you learn magic quickly, so that you can dive into this new world and begin performing quickly.

  • Magic can be difficult to learn from badly-drawn diagrams or grainy photos.
  • Many sleights depend on exact positions and movements from fingers, hands and other body parts.
  • Many magicians swear that videos are much better instructional resources, because they show sleights in motion and demonstrate what a move should look like.
  • Ellusionist’s beginner magic is filmed in high-resolution, DVD-quality video that shows perfect angles and lets you pause the action to review as many times as you need.

Learn magic with Brad Christian
Ellusionist has been welcoming newcomers to the world of magic since 2001. The company’s vast library of magic techniques and effects will help you learn magic correctly, easily and painlessly. The company is founded by Brad Christian, a magician with more than 25 years of performing experience. He learned the hard way: He studied the badly-drawn diagrams in magic books from the masters of the art. He also developed his own secrets and techniques in performing those moves, and became a master at teaching.

However, he had a vision: He knew that if he could get high-quality videos online, people would appreciate on-demand magic instruction. So he teamed up with professional videographers that filmed Christian and other magicians on the street with live audiences. They spent even more time on the instruction — each move is explained in detail and shows the best angles, so you can see exactly how a sleight works.

See for yourself the difference Ellusionist makes: Learn magic from Brad Christian in the video below for free! Click the video below for your free trick, then sign up in the banner ad to the right for more tricks to be e-mailed to you directly:



Ellusionist has all the best resources to help you learn magic in its many forms, including:


Learn magic with Brad Christian

  • Street magic: “How to Do Street Magic” is perfect for the beginner — it comes with more than two hours of instruction and teaches 20 tricks you can perform with only a little bit of practice. In addition, Ellusionist will send you a free deck of custom black playing cards and a free King Rising levitation video!

  • Card magic: Ellusionist’s “Crash Course” series teaches the basics of card handling, and will give you a huge arsenal of sleights, moves and tricks you can use with any deck of cards — even a borrowed deck. When you’ve mastered these two videos, you will have plenty of tricks at your command to perform for anyone. These two videos include effects made popular by David Blaine.

  • Flourishing and card manipulation: De’vo’s Extreme Beginnerz series will teach you to flourish and display cards better than any seasoned Vegas dealer. If you though those ribbon spreads and fans on a table were the extent of flourishing, De’vo will show you so much more, from crazy one-handed cuts to fantastic fans and throws!

  • Coin and money magic: In addition to a couple of tricks taught in “How to Do Street Magic,” Ellusionist offers many incredible money miracles and will teach you the basics of handing coins and dollars.

    Ellusionist’s training is the world’s best resource to learn magic. We want you to succeed! Street magic is becoming more and more popular — the demand far outpaces the supply. People are clamoring to see amazing things… give them what they want.




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