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Mentalism card tricks dive into the paranormal

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Dude reacts to mentalism card tricks

Ellusionist will help you get in their heads.

It’s one thing to perform a simple series of card tricks. Your audience may appreciate how well you handle cards, but they might not believe it’s really magic. They’ll simply chalk up anything incredible to powerful sleight of hand. But when you throw in mentalism, you perform card tricks that defy explanation altogether. When, with no funny hand moves, you can pick a chosen card from a spectator’s mind, magic is the only logical explanation. When you can make cards do supernatural, impossible things, nothing else makes sense.

  • Mentalism is one of the most powerful forms of magic, because there is no obvious alternative explanation for what spectators have seen.
  • A mentalist can perform easily on the street, in the office or for a large audience.
  • Many mentalism effects can be performed with little to no setup.
  • Mentalism encompasses a wide variety of effects, from mind-reading to moving objects by forces unseen.

Mentalism card tricks performed
Ellusionist has a wide variety of products and training to make your mentalism card tricks powerful and amazing. These field-tested, high-quality products get insane reactions from your audience:

Tagged by Rich Ferguson: This system works great for mentalism card tricks and so much more. Imagine making a chosen card appear on someone’s arm. They’ll freak from you reading their mind, and from trying to figure out how it got on their arm! This new effect was the iTricks Trick of the Year for 2008.

Stained Skin: An incredible series of temporary tattoos that let you cross the line from simple sleight of hand to amazing illusions. These tattoos are not mere reveals — they are centerpieces in tight routines crafted by Ray Singson. Make cards appear on your arm, on milk bottles, other cards… you are limited only by your imagination.

Strange Travelers: A classic effect made popular by David Blaine. A spectator holds a pile of 10 cards while you hold 10 others. The spectator mentally chooses one of their cards. Then, without explanation, the chosen card ends up in your pile and has completely vanished from theirs.

Guerilla Guide to Loops: You can perform some incredible mind reading card tricks using these incredible devices. Make a chosen card turn itself over. Make a marker point to a chosen card. Loops will help you amaze people with the perfect blend of mind-reading and psychokinetic energy.

Invisible Deck: An incredible deck of playing cards. Without any funny moves, a chosen card will be the only face up card in the deck. All you do is tell a spectator to think of a card — that’s it. Magically, impossibly, it’s face up. Watch the demo video to see how it packs a punch with minimum effort.

Once you master those and develop your performance style, you’ll be ready to dive into Ellusionist’s vast library of mentalism magic. You’ll be able to do some amazing things. You can make chosen cards or images appear as a tattoo on your arm — or as a scar. You can make a chosen card appear as blisters on your fingertips.

Many of Ellusionist’s products come with high-resolution training DVDs shot from the best angles to help you learn each effect from top to bottom.

Once you master mentalism card tricks, you’ll be at the top of your game. Your spectators will wonder if magic really exists, once you get done performing.




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