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Master mentalism: Give your magic a powerful, psychokinetic punch

Wayne Houchin performs mentalism

Get in their heads. Mentalism makes up some of the most powerful magic on the scene today. When a magician can reach inside a spectator’s mind and pull out a secret, there is no explanation.

Ellusionist makes mentalism as easy as reading a picture book.


Joe Russell performs mentalism

  • Mentalism is one of the most powerful forms of magic, because there is no obvious alternative explanation for what spectators have seen.
  • Mentalism can be performed easily on the street, in the office or for a large audience.
  • Many mentalism effects can be performed with little to no setup.
  • Mentalism encompasses a wide variety of effects, from mind-reading to moving objects by forces unseen.

Do you want to learn mentalism? You can. Some incredibly powerful, easy-to-learn mentalism is included in Ellusionist’s “How to Do Street Magic.” From this killer DVD, you can learn some amazing street magic, including:

Brad Christian performs mentalism

Burned: A spectator writes a chosen card on a piece of paper, which you burn. The ashes spell out the chosen card.
Chance Zero: Spectators deal cards into red and black piles without looking at them. When they are finished, you show them that they are right.
Trick Switch: After losing a chosen card in the deck, you deal three cards out. On the third card, you say that it is NOT the chosen card, even though it is. After your apparent failure, you pull the chosen card out of the deck — sending your spectators scrambling to uncover that third card.

Once you master those and develop your performance style, you’ll be ready to dive into Ellusionist’s vast library of mentalism magic. You’ll be able to do some amazing things. You can make chosen cards or images appear as a tattoo on your arm — or as a scar. You can make a chosen card appear as blisters on your fingertips. You can make water ignore the law of gravity.

Once you master mentalism, you’ll be at the top of your game. Your spectators will wonder if magic really exists, once you get done performing.




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