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Perform easy coin magic tricks: Amaze spectators with money miracles

With Ellusionist, your economy is on the rise.


Brad Christian teaches easy coin magic tricks

A big part of street magic today involves currency — a good street magician can make bills and coins do incredible things. When you learn the secrets of sleight of hand, you’ll be able to perform easy coin magic tricks and get incredible reactions.

  • Money magic is more convincing to spectators, because they are intimately familiar with the coins and bills you use.
  • There are many easy coin magic tricks you can learn that will get incredible reactions from spectators.
  • Money magic uses sleight of hand to accomplish incredibly visual effects.
  • Sleight of hand helps create more realistic magic that will impress and amaze audiences.

Performing magic with props and gimmicks is one thing. But when you make miracles with a borrowed quarter, or dollar bill, people are left perplexed and amazed.

You can learn some easy coin magic tricks in Ellusionist’s groundbreaking classic, “How to Do Street Magic.” Taught by 25-year performance veteran Brad Christian, you’ll learn some incredible money effects, including:

Brad Christian teaches easy coin magic tricks

Glass Stinger: You claim to be able to send a quarter through a table. Instead, you make a salt shaker go right through the quarter — and the table.
George’s Old Trick: You can make a coin appear where you command, and disappear from a table when you use this classic move.
Go Inside Sugar: Send a quarter inside a sugar or sweetener packet with a simple squeeze.

When you learn easy coin magic tricks from Ellusionist, you’ll get in-depth training from high-resolution, DVD-quality videos featuring Christian and other masters of magic. You’ll see all the basics from THE BEST angles, and you’ll also pick up insider, field-tested tips for performances.

When you have mastered those effect, Ellusionist offers many easy coin magic tricks that will blow your audiences away. You could bend a borrowed, signed quarter. You could send a quarter through a clear water bottle. You could take a bite right out of a quarter, then restore it with a sudden blow.

With Ellusionist training, you’ll be money with money. Easy coin magic tricks will be at your disposal, and you will drop jaws and blow minds.




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