Frozen by Adam Grace

Learn levitation tricks that will mystify, astound your spectators

Learn levitation with Ellusionist training
Gravity is the law.

Ellusionist is the loophole.

Have you wanted to learn levitation?


We don’t blame you. Levitation tricks are some of the most powerful, visual effects available, because they defy reality so obviously. Whether you make a simple match float, or your whole body, levitations are compelling, mystifying and amazing.

You can learn levitation. You can break the law… of gravity.

  • Levitations are some of magic’s most incredible effects.
  • Spectators love levitations because they are mind-bogglingly impossible. And just when they think they know how something is done, another part of the effect proves them wrong.
  • Many common items, such as cards and money, can be made to float inexplicably in the palm of your hand.
  • Levitations can be accomplished in front of live audiences — even in front of people who think levitations are nothing but camera tricks.


Ellusionist is the Internet’s finest source of flotation and levitation effects. With our high-resolution training videos and quality products, here’s some of the things you can levitate:

Learn levitation techniques for cards, billsCards, money, pens and other objects: Daniel Garcia, Nathan Kranzo and Justin Miller will teach you how to use Loops to create devastating effects. Make cards pop out of a deck. Make a dollar bill fold itself into a butterfly.

A chosen playing card: Imagine having a spectator choose a card, sign and return it. With no funny moves, you make it float off the top of the deck and hover in mid-air. When you give the card back to them, they will be floored. That’s what you can do with Hovercard.

Learn levitation tricks for waterWater: With Flow, you can make water stay in a bottle when it is turned upside-down. And just when your spectators think they know how it’s done, they watch a toothpick, inserted at the opening on the bottom, float to the top. This is pure magic.

Your own body: You can levitate just like the professionals on TV. Except your spectators won’t be able to laugh off the effect as a camera trick… not when you rise mysteriously into a chair, or four inches off the ground. BONUS FOR BEGINNERS: The King Rising levitation is yours free when you purchase How to Do Street Magic! Click the video below to see what this incredible levitation looks like:


When you learn levitation from Ellusionist, you’ll do so from some of the finest performers in magic, filmed in high-resolution, DVD-quality video. You’ll have access to insider tips that have been field-tested and performance-proven. And you’ll add some of the most powerful effects in magic to your arsenal.




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