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Perform mind-blowing card tricks with regular playing cards

A spectator reacts to card tricks with regular playing cards


There is no explanation.

Usually, when people see an impossible-looking card trick, they think it’s because you are using trick cards. So when they see you perform miracles in the palm of your hands with any deck of cards, even a borrowed deck, they will be stunned silent or freaked out.

Imagine what you could do when you know how to handle cards like a pro. Card tricks with regular playing cards are possible once you know the secrets behind sleight of hand.

  • Spectators love card tricks with regular playing cards, because they look impossibly realistic.
  • Sleight of hand lets you perform incredible card tricks with any deck of cards, whether it is bought from a store or borrowed from a friend.
  • Many people trust regular playing cards, because they are common, everyday objects that are found virtually everywhere.
  • Sleight of hand is easy to learn, once you learn proper practice techniques.

Brad Christian teaches card tricks with regular playing cards

The secrets of sleight of hand have been around for nearly a century; many have been hidden in books with scratchy, hard-to-understand diagrams and grainy pictures. Ellusionist’s Brad Christian will erase all doubt and make it easy for you to learn amazing card tricks with regular playing cards.

Brad Christian teaches card tricks with regular playing cards

In Crash Course in Card Tricks and Crash Course 2, Christian will walk you through the basics of sleight of hand, and teach you mind-blowing effects — including many moves used by David Blaine in his street magic specials.

In Ninja 1: Stealth Technique and Ninja 2: Weapons,you’ll learn advanced card moves and handling that, once mastered, will leave spectators breathless. And in Kard Klub, you’ll gain incredible insight and performance tips on misdirection and crowd-maintenance.

All of Ellusionist’s magic videos are produced in high-quality, high-resolution formats and shot by professionals from the very best angles, so you don’t have to puzzle over awkward diagrams. Brad is also one of the finest magic teachers. When you watch these videos, you’ll feel like you are in the studio, receiving master-level education.

See for yourself: Watch Brad teach you card tricks with regular playing cards:

GHORSN_th Perform mind-blowing card tricks with regular playing cards

Ellusionist also offers an amazing line of custom playing cards. Each deck was manufactured by the U.S. Playing Card Co., according to the highest standards of quality. These cards will catch spectators’ eyes and make your magic even more powerful.




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