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Learn magic like the three jacks card trick

Brad Christian performs three jacks card trick
Remember the three jacks card trick? That one your uncle used to do, where the three jacks are placed at the top, middle and bottom of the deck, then end up magically together? Or maybe you remember the one where 21 cards are placed in three piles of seven cards each, moved around, then a chosen card ends up smack in the middle. When you were a kid, you might have thought those were pretty cool tricks.

You can learn and perform tricks just like the three jacks card trick — and light years beyond. Get ready to learn incredible, yet simple, sleight of hand.


  • Card tricks are a staple of magic, because they are recognizable, yet easy to manipulate.
  • Many card tricks, such as the three jacks card trick, are accomplished with simple sleight of hand, and can be done with a borrowed deck of cards.
  • Audiences love card tricks, because they are some of the most impossible-looking effects in magic.
  • Ellusionist playing cards are the highest-quality cards on the market; made for magicians by magicians and the U.S. Playing Card Co.

The secret to the three jacks card trick is that it’s a self-working trick. In other words, you don’t have to perform any secret moves to make the trick work. So, if your uncle looked like an incredible magician, imagine what you could do when you learn sleight of hand. Your introduction to the incredible world of sleight of hand is Ellusionist’s ground-breaking training video, “How to Do Street Magic.”

Brad Christian teaches three jacks card trickIn this DVD, you’ll get more than two hours of instruction on more than 20 effects, many of which are card tricks. Your teacher is Brad Christian, a 25-year performance veteran who worked the same New York streets as Criss Angel. And as a free gift, you’ll receive a deck of black, custom Ellusionist playing cards and a free King Rising levitation trick.

When you learn from “How to Do Street Magic” and put in the right amount of practice, you’ll be performing card tricks for friends, strangers, co-workers, anyone. You will be able to make a chosen card appear as ashes on your arm. You’ll make a chosen card disappear, then reappear wherever you command. You can make a spectator cut to the four aces without touching a card.

A lot of these tricks are just as simple as the three jacks card trick, even though they use sleight of hand. That’s one of magic’s biggest secrets: A good trick doesn’t have to be a complicated trick. When you develop a good performance style, even the simplest effects can get crazy, David Blaine-style reactions.

Once you’ve developed your style, you’ll be ready to dive into Ellusionist’s vast library of card magic, effects and custom playing cards, including many incredible card tricks. Revealed will be detailed performance advice and practice tips. Even though Ellusionist doesn’t teach the three jacks card trick, you’ll learn more than enough to figure out how it’s done… and invent a trick that is much more astounding.

Click below to watch Brad teach you a trick similar to the three jacks card trick:


You can get the same kinds of reactions that your uncle got. In fact, your reactions will be even crazier, because your tricks will look miraculous by comparison. People love magic, and are clamoring for more. Give them what they want.




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