Frozen by Adam Grace

Perform amazing card tricks just like the professionals

Brad Christian teaches amazing card tricks

Do you want to learn amazing card tricks that leave spectators floored?


Most people know a few basic card tricks, such as the one with three piles of seven cards and other self-working card tricks. A smaller group of people know about simple sleights of hand, such as the glimpse and the key card.


Only a handful know about powerful sleights and moves, which enable them to perform card tricks that blow minds. We’re talking about the kinds of cards tricks that professionals use every day. Imagine making a card jump inside a plastic bag, moving the printed pips of a card around at will, pulling a card through a window, or even performing dazzling, incredible manipulations and flourishes. You can even learn the sleight of hand behind many of the craziest card tricks.


  • Card tricks done with sleight of hand, free of gimmicks, look more realistic and impossible.
  • Sleight of hand is easy to learn, and some moves require only a little practice.
  • Card tricks are popular and entertaining. A good knowledge of card tricks can make you stand out among your peers.
  • Sleight of hand allows you to do a wide variety of amazing card tricks with any deck of cards — even a borrowed deck.

Brad Christian teaches amazing card tricks

Are you ready to learn these powerful, amazing card tricks and more?


You can perform mind-blowing, jaw-dropping card tricks that will leave your spectators breathless. Ellusionist’s magic training will open a new world for you and your audiences. Ellusionist will show you field-tested card tricks that will blow spectators’ minds.


Let Brad teach you an amazing card trick for free. Just click below:



Ellusionist offers a wide variety of amazing card tricks, including:

Brad teaches street magic card tricks
Tricks with a regular deck: From basic sleight of hand to the advanced, well-kept secrets of the pros, Ellusionist provides all the training you want. From our Crash Course series to the advanced Ninja series, you will learn to do amazing things with a regular deck of playing cards.

Ellusionist's street magic card tricks
Gaffed and trick decks: Ellusionist’s line of trick decks is the highest quality anywhere. Our trick decks are based off of our incredible line of custom playing cards. But if you’re ready to make some eyeballs pop out of skulls, you should check out our gaff cards. No one expects cards like these.

You’ve always wanted to learn these sleights. You can learn card tricks just like the ones performed by David Blaine or Criss Angel. And you can get the same reactions. The power to amaze is in your grasp. Your journey starts here.




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