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Learn magic card tricks that fool, surprise and bewilder spectators: You will be amazing!

Do you want to learn magic card tricks that leave spectators floored?

Brad Christian has something to show you. Watch Brad, founder of Ellusionist, teach you a magic card trick for free:


brad3 Learn magic card tricks that fool, surprise and bewilder spectators: You will be amazing!The above trick just scratches the surface of all the incredible effects and magic card tricks Ellusionist has to offer. Brad has more than 25 years of performance experience and is a master with a deck of playing cards. Brad has many more magic card tricks to show you.

    Brad Christian teaches magic card tricks

  • Tricks with playing cards are among some of the most popular in magic.
  • Spectators are generally familiar with playing cards, which means a magician can get incredible reactions by making them do something that looks impossible.
  • Cards are easy to manipulate through sleight of hand, which allows a magician to create and perform powerful magic card tricks.
  • Many magic card tricks performed with sleight of hand end “clean,” so that an audience member can inspect a card afterward.

Just think about how incredible it would be to learn magic card tricks and sleight of hand. Imagine the reactions you could get when you borrow a friend’s deck of cards and pull off blistering card magic. Through Ellusionist’s high-quality videos, Brad can show you a variety of solid, field-tested moves, from the basics of an ambitious card routine to some of the most secret, advanced moves.

GHORSN_th Learn magic card tricks that fool, surprise and bewilder spectators: You will be amazing!
Ellusionist also leads the pack in creativity for your magic. Cards, single effects and a number of other tricks are available in Ellusionist’s vast library of card magic. You could make a selected card jump out of its box, then another card slowly emerge from a spread. You could make a card bend itself right in front of people’s eyes. Or make a chosen card hover effortlessly… inexplicably… right off the deck, in defiance of gravity.

Most Ellusionist card magic comes with top-of-the-line DVD training that shows all the fine details of performance. You’ll also get access to forums dedicated to discussing the effect, so you can learn from the experience of hundreds of magicians just like you. We want you to succeed. We want you to drop jaws and blow minds with these incredible magic card tricks.




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