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Easy card tricks for beginners get crazy reactions from spectators

Spectator reacts to easy card tricks for beginners

Are you ready to learn mind-blowing card tricks?

Some of the best illusions in magic are done with a simple deck of playing cards. Magicians spend years practicing advanced sleight of hand to perform impossibly realistic effects. But many magicians have also discovered that many simple sleights are actually easy-to-learn card tricks. For beginners, that’s awesome news.

  • Many professional magicians perform illusions and effects which use simple sleights, which make easy card tricks for beginners.
  • Pros use sleight of hand to accomplish realistic, miraculous effects.
  • Sleight of hand can be difficult to learn from books with badly-drawn diagrams.
  • Video training from Ellusionist shows exactly how a sleight works, making it easy to learn.

You can get incredible reactions with easy card tricks for beginners.

Brad Christian teaches easy card tricks for beginners

Some of the most popular tricks by professionals such as David Blaine are actually quite simple. You can pick up on the techniques easily when you let Brad Christian show you the details.

Brad has more than 25 years of experience performing magic. When you learn from Brad, you’ll learn the basics of sleight of hand with cards, plus the performance subtleties that turn easy card tricks into unbelievable miracles.

See for yourself — Click play to watch Christian teach free, easy card tricks for beginners:


Just imagine how awesome the advanced stuff is.
Ellusionist is your home for online magic training. We don’t want to show you a bunch of secrets, then leave you alone to figure out things for yourself. Our effects come with first-class instruction from Christian and other incredible performers, all filmed in professional, high-resolution, studio-quality video. This is first-class in training sleight of hand with cards.

Spectators react to easy card magic tricks
Crash Course series: Ellusionist’s Crash Course 1 will teach you many of the basics within several killer routines, including one effect used often by David Blaine. After this video, you’ll be ready to perform like a pro! There’s even more to learn in Crash Course 2, which features more than two hours of instruction on more than 15 different sleights you can use. you’ll learn the basics behind incredible effects used by top magicians, including David Blaine (you’ll learn one of his favorites in Crash Course In Card Tricks).

Brad Christian teaches easy card magic tricks
Kard Klub: This classic video, which teaches the Two-card Monte (as performed by David Blaine and many others) is PACKED with instruction about performance and misdirection. You’ll watch performances from many magicians, then hear Brad Christian break down what they did right and not so well. Your purchase also comes with an e-book full of routine ideas.

Brad Christian teaches easy card magic tricksNinja series: This is the good stuff. Ninja 1 will show you one of the most lethal, killer moves in magic, and show you routines based around it. Ninja 2 will up the ante and teach you deadly sleights that will slay your spectators. WARNING: These moves take practice, because when done successfully, they are that good.
Ellusionist is the Internet’s best source of easy card tricks for beginners. But once you get started, you’ll want to learn more and more.




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