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How To Do Magic Tricks taught by a Master Magician

Spectators can’t get enough of street magic. Card tricks, effects with coins and bills, illusions with water bottles, all of it. David Blaine, Criss Angel and many others are using more street magic tricks in their shows, because it looks like real magic.

  • Spectators enjoy street magic card tricks because they are impossibly realistic.
  • Magicians favor sleight of hand over gimmicked tricks because they are more natural, and spectators can often inspect the cards after the trick.
  • Many street magic card tricks are easy-to-learn, classic effects that have been in existence for almost a century.
  • Learning from a video is easier than learning from poorly-drawn diagrams or grainy photos.



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You can learn street magic card tricks easily and painlessly.

All those amazing things you see the pros do, you can do. Imagine being able to amaze your friends, family, co-workers or even complete strangers. You can gain the confidence and skills when you learn street magic from Ellusionist’s Brad Christian.

Brad has more than 25 years of performance experience. He founded Ellusionist because he believed magic needed a system of training to help you learn as much as possible. Working with professional videographers, he created high-resolution videos that show every move from the best angles. He also takes his time and goes slowly, so you learn every little move, right down to where your fingernails should go.


Find out for yourself: Watch Brad Christian teach street magic card tricks in this free video:

Brad Christian and other Ellusionist artists will show you all the insider tips they have discovered in their own magic careers. You won’t be subjected to a rigorous, knuckle-busting practice regimen here — they will show you the best way to practice so you can develop your skills, hit the streets and drop jaws.

Ellusionist’s Street Magic bundle will teach you everything you need to start performing. It includes a free levitation effect and a free deck of Ellusionist’s custom playing cards.

When you’re ready, Ellusionist offers a vast library of street magic card tricks that will blow spectators away. Once you know the secrets behind the sleights, you can add your own personality and start to perform incredible street magic. Card tricks will be no problem when Ellusionist is teaching you.


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